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November 18, 2019

What Happens to My Driver’s License After an Indiana DUI/OWI?

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The purpose of your driving record is to document your traffic tickets, DMV points, and the status of your driver’s license. In the event you’ve receive a DUI or OWI in Indiana, you can expect your driver’s license to get suspended, unless you seek skilled legal representation.

If a police officer believes you are driving under the influence of alcohol, they will pull you over and likely administer a field sobriety test. When this occurs, you are at risk for a driver’s license suspension of up to two years.

Since a driver’s license suspension can make it difficult for you to get to work, school, the store, and other places you need to go to on a regular basis, it is in your best interest to consult our experienced Indiana DUI lawyers at GDS Law Group, LLP. Contact us at 765-313-7092 today.

How Long Will My Driver’s License Be Suspended?

If it’s your first DUI, you can expect your driver’s license to get suspended for 180 days. However, you may be granted restricted driving privileges so you can go to certain places like school or work if the circumstances of your case warrant them. If you refuse a field sobriety test after you’ve been pulled over, your license may get suspended for a full year.

Of course, recurring DUI convictions lead to longer driver’s license suspensions. For example, if you receive a DUI for the second time, your license may be suspended for anywhere between six months and two years. If you refuse a field sobriety test and have had at least one DUI in the past, your driver’s license may be suspended for up to two years.

When Will My Driver’s License Be Taken?

While a police officer may take your driver’s license away from you when they arrest you, it won’t be automatically suspended at this time. You’ll be able to obtain a duplicate license with the Indiana BMW so that you have an ID to carry are around. Once you are notified that your driver’s license is suspended, which will likely be within 10 days of your arrest, you will lose your driving privileges.

Will I Be Able to Drive Once My Suspension Period is Up?

You will be able to resume driving once your suspension period comes to an end. However, you can’t simply get in your car after 180 days (or however many days your driver’s license is suspended) and start cruising around town.

You will be required to apply for reinstatement and pay a hefty fee. If it’s your first time reinstating your driver’s license, you’ll need to dish out $150. For a second reinstatement, the fee is $225 and for the third it’s $300.

Why Consult an Indiana DUI Lawyer?

If your driver’s license has been suspended after a DUI conviction, there may be options available to you. By working with an Indiana DUI lawyer, you may be able to restore some or even all of your driving privileges. This can make your life a lot easier, especially if you depend on driving every day to get to where you need to go and live your life.

In addition, if you have a job or are applying for a job that requires driving, a driver’s license suspension may make it impossible for you to work or obtain work and should be placed in the hands of an experienced lawyer right away.

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