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No one expects to be handcuffed, arrested, or appear before a judge or jury. Nevertheless, average people find themselves caught up in the harsh reality of criminal charges and accusations all too often. Whether it is a traffic ticket, probation violations, or a federal crime, the impact of a conviction in Indiana, can reverberate through your life, the lives of your loved ones, and could leave a haunting mark that may permanently limit your future. Many people simply don’t know where to turn or what to expect when confronted with criminal charges, but you don’t have to face criminal allegations on your own. By contacting GDS Law Group, LLP, you can review your situation with a passionate and highly-experienced attorney in Anderson, Indiana, who will evaluate all your legal options and treat your rights and defense as seriously as you do.

Our Anderson, IN criminal defense lawyers are all former Central Indiana Prosecutors and vehemently believe that everyone is entitled to the best possible defense. When you consider that the range of possible penalties includes expensive fines, the loss of your drivers’ license or career, time behind bars, and the creation of a permanent criminal record, we can offer real guidance and practical solutions when you need them most. So, if you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Madison County, Hamilton County or anywhere in Central Indiana, don’t hesitate to contact GDS Law Group, LLP to schedule a free and confidential consultation. Call 765-313-7092.

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