Exactech Hip

Exactech, a multinational medical device manufacturer specializing in orthopedic devices, has faced significant recalls of their hip, knee, and ankle joint replacements over the past two years. Patients who received faulty Exactech hip implants have filed lawsuits, claiming severe injuries and complications that necessitated additional surgeries. Attorneys representing the plaintiffs allege that Exactech engaged in deceptive marketing practices to boost sales of their recalled joint implants. Despite the surge in lawsuits following the widespread recall, Exactech remains a prominent player in the medical device industry.

The lawsuits against Exactech assert that their joint replacement products are defective. Exactech recalled their polyethylene liners due to packaging flaws that exposed the plastic components to oxygen before implantation. Consequently, the degraded Exactech joint implants caused harm to patients. The most common complications associated with the recalled Exactech hip, knee, and ankle implants include chronic pain and the need for premature revision surgeries.

On August 30, 2021, Exactech issued a recall for thousands of their joints manufactured and used after 2004. This decision was prompted by an increased number of allegations concerning their faulty hip and knee implants. In June and August 2021, as well as February 2022, more than 200,000 Exactech hip, knee, and ankle implants were recalled. The FDA classified these recalls as a class II recall, indicating that exposure to the recalled implants may result in temporary or reversible adverse health consequences, with the probability of serious consequences being remote, according to the FDA’s classification system.

Patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery with defective and recalled Exactech hip, knee, or ankle implants have reported various symptoms. Commonly reported symptoms include the need for revision surgery, as many patients have required additional surgeries to replace the defective liner of their recalled Exactech implant. Revision surgery can be both painful and costly for these individuals. Additionally, a faulty Exactech joint can restrict joint motion, leading to a decreased range of motion and severe pain when attempting full movement. The recalled Exactech hip, knee, and ankle implants are susceptible to gradual loosening, which can cause pain and difficulty in fully moving the affected joint. The instability or giving way of a recalled Exactech joint implant can also result in falls or other injuries.

If you have experienced any of these complications after being implanted with a recalled Exactech hip, knee, or ankle implant, it is crucial to consult with GDS Law Group who can guide you through the necessary steps against Exactech. The time you have to file a lawsuit related to a recalled Exactech device, known as the statute of limitations, may be influenced by various factors, making prompt action essential.

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