Robert Summerfield

Founding Partner & CEO

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Robert Summerfield is an aggressive and experienced trial lawyer with hundreds of victories under his belt. He has been practicing law in Indiana for 10 years, and has experienced success as both a defense attorney and prosecutor in Hamilton and Madison counties. As a former prosecution trial attorney, attorney Summerfield led and won hundreds of cases. He knows the law and understands the most effective approach to fight for your rights as a client.

Attorney Summerfield has years of experience in a large variety of legal roles and started several of his own businesses. His record of successful leadership is the biggest value he brings to GDS Law Group, LLP. Robert has maintained his own private law practice since 2008, focusing on criminal defense, litigation, real estate, and gun rights.

Robert continually strives to be the best. The best at his job, the best for his wife, the best for his children, and the best for God.