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August 27, 2019

What Doctors Should I See After a Personal Injury Accident?

Doctors to see after a personal injury accident
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Being involved in an accident that causes personal injury is a serious matter. While there may be problems to resolve regarding property, such as getting your car fixed, more important to your well-being is receiving expert medical care. But you may wonder what doctors you should see after a personal injury accident.

Finding the proper medical care is just one area where our personal injury attorneys at GDS Law Group can help. With our many years of experience in personal injury accident cases, we can help guide you through the entire process so that you receive the medical care and compensation you need to recover. Contact us today for your confidential and free consultation by calling 765-313-7092 or using our online contact form. Our offices are conveniently located in Anderson and Noblesville, Indiana.

Emergency Treatment After a Car Accident

The first doctor you should see after a personal injury accident is in the emergency room. We know you might be thinking, “but what if I don’t think I am hurt?” Unless you are a doctor, you really can’t definitively know whether you are injured. The shock and adrenalin from an accident might be masking your injuries. Furthermore, accident injuries sometimes don’t present for a day or two. A doctor may spot symptoms you are missing and provide medications that will be needed.

In addition, a record will be made of your visit. It is important that you don’t minimize any of your complaints and are honest regarding any pre-existing conditions. The ER physicians can provide initial care and may also give referrals to additional medical providers for follow-up treatment.

Follow-up Treatment

After your initial visit to the ER, you likely will need follow-up care by a specialist depending on your injury. It is important to seek follow-up treatment in a timely manner as your claim for compensation can be undermined if you delay. Along with timeliness, once you have a treatment plan, you need to adhere to it, including attending all subsequent medical appointments.

Orthopedic doctors treat injuries to the musculoskeletal system, which includes your skeleton, muscles, and connective tissue like ligatures and tendons. If you suffered a broken bone, a slipped disk, sprains, strains, or whiplash, you likely will need the treatment of an orthopedist.

If your accident included a head or spinal cord injury, you might need to see a neurologist. A neurologist treats nervous system disorders, including concussions, migraines, and spinal nerve damage. Neurological injuries could present after other injuries start to heal. It is important to tell a neurologist about any accident you have suffered.

Depending on the seriousness and trauma of the accident, you may need mental health services from a licensed counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Post-traumatic stress disorder from an accident must be treated so that you can fully recover and go on with your life free of stress and anxiety. Trying to recover from physical injuries, work, and take care of family, can also lead to depression. If others were injured or killed in your accident, there may be grief to deal with as well.

Get the Care You Need and the Compensation You Deserve

When an accident happens, you must first take care of your health. Nothing is more important than treatment of your injuries. While you focus on healing, the personal injury accident attorneys at GDS Law Group will fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve. To talk about your case with one of our accident lawyers, call 765-313-7092 to set up a free consultation or use our online contact form.

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