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Were you arrested and charged with a crime in Hamilton County, Indiana? Now is not the time to try and handle things on your own. There is just too much at stake. Do not speak with the police or answer any questions until you have consulted a Hamilton County, Indiana criminal defense attorney. You need an experienced lawyer who knows the local court system, the prosecutors, and how to protect your rights, so you obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

Whether you are the target of a criminal investigation or need help navigating the criminal court process, at GDS Law Group, our Noblesville attorneys understand what you are going through. It can be frustrating and intimidating when you are facing possible incarceration or the other negative ramifications of a conviction hanging over your head. The best way to resolve your case as efficiently as possible is to work with our aggressive criminal lawyers. As highly skilled Noblesville criminal defense attorneys, we will thoroughly investigate the charges against you and may seek to have the charges dismissed or reduced. If a case does move forward against you, you can be sure that every available resource will be utilized, so you have the strongest possible defense geared towards obtaining an acquittal or mitigating the consequences of a potential conviction.

To speak with our criminal defense lawyers in Hamilton County, IN, contact GDS Law Group online, or call 317-550-5339. We offer free and confidential initial case consultations, where we can review your situation and guide your next steps.

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