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Indiana Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip and Fall Attorneys Serving Madison County and Hamilton County

Slipping on a wet or icy surface can happen to anyone, and often times people don’t consider that these falls frequently result in serious injuries. If you suffer from a slip and fall, your recovery can be long and difficult. It’s possible that you may not know the severity of your injuries until days or weeks after a fall. If you have fallen while on the property of another, you may be entitled to compensation due to the dangerous condition of the premises. An experienced slip and fall lawyer can help you recover damages from the careless owner or occupier of the property where you were injured due to a fall.

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There Are Many Ways You Can Be Hurt In a Slip And Fall

You can fall and sustain serious injury in many different places, and all too often people are hurt in locations where they should have a reasonable expectation of safety. Many slip and falls happen to those at work and require a workers’ compensation lawyer. This is common even in cases where the injured person’s work is not physically intensive. In many other cases people are hurt when they fall in a public place of business such as a restaurant, hotel, or shopping center. In those cases, premises liability law applies. GDS Law Group, LLP slip and fall attorneys have represented clients who have been injured by falling due to many different hazards, including:

  • Wet, icy, or snow covered walkways
  • Uneven flooring
  • Stairs that are inconsistent, too steep, have narrow treads, or have missing or damaged handrails
  • Debris on floors and walkways
  • Concealed or damaged curbs
  • Dangerous construction zones

Establishing Liability For Your Slip And Fall

The owner and occupier of a property has a legal duty to exercise reasonable care in maintaining the premises in order to keep guests safe. The occupier of a property might be a business owner who is renting a space where you are invited in to shop. Your slip and fall accident may have resulted from the owner’s negligence in failing to keep the area well maintained and clear of debris and obstacles. In order to win damages after an accident, your slip and fall injury lawyer will have to show that your accident happened because the person who should have been responsible for keeping the area safe failed to take reasonable steps to do so.

A skilled injury lawyer will understand how to gather the necessary evidence, negotiate with insurance providers, and win in trial if you do not receive an adequate settlement offer beforehand. However, there are several things that you can do in order to make your claim easier after a slip and fall.

  • Take pictures of the scene of your accident and the injuries you sustained.
  • Report your fall to the manager, owner, or groundskeeper. Request that they document the incident and ask for a copy.
  • Wait until speaking with your lawyer before giving any statement to anyone regarding your accident.
  • Seek medical attention for necessary injuries, and make sure your medical professional notes that the injury is from a slip and fall.
  • Gather names and contact information of those who may have witnessed your accident.

Common Injuries From Slip And Fall Accidents

Falls not only result in very serious injuries, but they can also cause a significant number of different injuries to the victim. Many injuries take time to show up, and you may have chronic pain or permanent damage that will impact you for life. Additionally, a slip and fall can result in an almost countless number of physical ailments beyond what you may normally consider. Skilled slip and fall accident lawyers understand how an injury can completely impact someone’s life, and how proper financial compensation can help during a long recovery.

As accident lawyers with years of experience helping slip and fall victims, some of types of injuries that we have seen from falls include:

  • Knee sprains, strains, or tears
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck, back, or shoulder damage
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Damaged tissue or internal organs
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Polytrauma
  • Death

A Slip and Fall Lawyer From GDS Law Group, LLP Can Help You

Suffering from a slip and fall can leave you badly injured. It’s very common for people in these situations to be confused about who may be at fault for their injury. Your fall can require costly medical attention, and you may be out of work for a long time while you heal. A skilled lawyer will understand how to identify the negligent person in your slip and fall case, and can help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

It’s very important to act quickly and contact your lawyer without delay after a slip and fall. Indiana’s statute of limitations law requires that you file a claim for damages within two years of your accident. Your lawyer will need to gather evidence and build a case before filing a claim in court. Therefore, be sure to seek legal counsel as soon as possible after an accident.

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