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E-Discovery and Document Review Attorney

E-Discovery and Document Review Attorneys in Madison and Hamilton Counties

Civil litigation, regulatory requests and investigations, commercial disputes, and internal investigations can be a nightmare for businesses that are unprepared. Litigation and formal investigations often require reviewing a wide range of documents that are electronically stored – though many companies often retain paper files. These documents must be properly pulled, reviewed, and sorted for relevance to the legal matter. This takes a great deal of knowledge, work, and time. Businesses cannot and should not handle document review themselves. If your business is facing a potential legal matter, you should reach out to a document review attorney right away.

At GDS Law Group, we have experience in e-discovery and document review. We can assist you in several ways, right from our document review facility in Anderson, Indiana. Contact us today at or through our online form to request a free consultation with a general practice lawyer.

When Your Business Encounters E-Discovery

Your business may need to go through the e-discovery and document review process in numerous situations, including:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Department of Justice (DOJ) Civil Investigative Demands
  • DOJ’s Antitrust Division or Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Second Requests
  • Regulatory Compliance Matters
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Internal Reviews

E-discovery is often in response to a civil discovery request, or to a request during civil litigation. E-discovery is typically a necessity in order to appropriately respond to a discovery request and ensure the regulatory agency or other party receives thorough and accurate information. Providing anything less could lead to significant consequences for your business.

However, e-discovery can also be a proactive measure for your company. A thorough document review can be used to analyze confidentiality matters, professionalism, conflicts of interest, accusations of harassment or discrimination, communication networks, and legal and security risks.

Whether your business wishes to be proactive in investigating internal matters or must respond to a discovery request, a document review attorney at GDS Law Group has the knowledge, experience, resources, and skills you need to conduct a thorough and efficient document review process.

The E-Discovery Process

At a high level, e-discovery is the process through which a business or law firm searches for, finds, and retrieves electronically stored information (ESI), which can contain saved documents, files, emails, social media, and other types of data. Once the ESI is retrieved, each document or unit of information is reviewed and coded for its relevance to the legal matter. E-discovery is a multi-step process that can take a great deal of time.

How e-discovery is conducted is of vital importance to your legal matter. The stakes are high, and e-discovery must be performed with the utmost integrity if it is to be accepted as evidence in court. Improperly managed e-discovery can lead to sanctions. All potentially relevant ESI must be retrieved. The ESI must be properly stored, preserved, and protected as data spoliation is a significant risk. Under the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), this encompasses the first four of nine stages: information governance, identification of relevant ESI, preservation of ESI, and collection.

The document review process should be conducted by educated and appropriately trained professionals. The ESI must be properly coded in order to sort through the massive amount of data, enabling a business to efficiently gather the information necessary to respond to a discovery request. This encompasses the last five EDRM stages: processing ESI for document review, review ESI for its relevance, analysis of relevant ESI, production, and presentation.

At GDS Law Group, a document review attorney will guide you through the process of:

  • Planning document retention policies
  • Determining the most appropriate e-discovery procedures for your matter
  • Determining appropriate case management plans
  • Identifying one or more appropriate review platforms, such as Computer Assisted Review or Technology Assisted Review
  • Collecting ESI and hard copy documents
  • Utilizing early case assessment
  • Identifying privileged and other protected information
  • Briefing e-discovery issues
  • Employing procedures and strategies to conduct an efficient review project

Why You Need a Document Review Attorney

E-discovery is a complex and lengthy process. Business benefit from partnering with an experienced law firm for their e-discovery and document review needs. At GDS Law Group, we are thorough, and we prioritize both your time and budget. We get to know your business structure, processes, and needs to come up with an appropriate and efficient plan. Then, we implement that plan and keep track of every step of the process. We focus on what matters, picking through the immense amount of data to find the information that matters as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of defining the scope early on to ensure no one’s time is wasted.

At GDS Law Group, we also place a high priority on consistent and clear communication. We understand that e-discovery and document review requires a team. That team needs to remain on the same page at all times, ensuring you always know what is going on and what to expect from the process.

Contact a Document Review Attorney at GDS Law Group Today

In today’s legal climate, it is essential for businesses to be proactive regarding litigation, regulatory compliance, and e-discovery. To do this, you need to take advantage of the knowledge, experience, and resources offered by the document review attorneys at GDS Law Group. We have experience in creating and executing document review processes for all types of businesses.

We realize that e-discovery can appear overly complex and stressful. Whatever your business needs, wherever you are in the e-discovery process, we are here to help. Call us today at , or use our online form to schedule a free consultation.